Webinar On-Demand | ISO standards for HR? Really?

By October 13, 2020June 29th, 2021On-Demand Webinars, Resources
Webinar On-Demand

ISO standards for HR? Really?

Are you ISO compliant? Does this affect you? Why does this matter…?

While leaders remain resolute that ‘people are the most important asset,’ unlike financial accounting standards, there’s little agreement on how to report the value and impact of the workforce…until now.

Join HR curator David Simmonds and us at 10AM ET / 2PM GMT on October 29th, where we will cover why HR is central and critical to the company’s survival, response, and long-term success via the following topics:

  1. How HR can be the drivers for change using an Integrated Reporting Framework and SEC Regulations
  2. The framework to transform HR from service to strategy – ISO 30414
  3. SplashHR – Enabling the journey towards evidence-based decision-making using HR Metrics.

"SplashBI has not only allowed us to utilize data from other sources, but look at our data in a more analytical way."

Claire ReeveApplication Manager